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Norfolk Diffuser

Samphire & Seaweed

£32.00 Inc. VAT

A timeless blend of bergamot, sweet pea, freesia and wild samphire combines in this fragranced diffuser to bring the Norfolk coast to your home.

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Inspired by long, blustery walks along seaweed-strewn beaches, with rolling clouds a frequent backdrop. There is a graphic wilderness to Norfolk and its dramatic, untamed landscape that harks back to a bygone era; a raw, uninhibited environment on the coast, where samphire grows out of the mud, the skies are vast and the horizon is endless.

The smell of sea and salt, combined with jasmine and sweet peas, fills the air. This scent, with its timeless blend of bergamot, sweet pea, freesia and musk, evokes that feeling of it being just you, the elements and the sea.


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