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Hamptons Candle

Honeysuckle & Pear
Candle & Paperweight

£48.00 Inc. VAT

Reminiscent of the heady scents of summer, the Hamptons natural wax candle brings a magical combination of honeysuckle, pear and freesia to your home.

The Hamptons scent is evocative of summers spent in this light-filled, magical place. Each morning, the smell of freshly cut grass blends with hydrangeas and ocean spray fills the air.

Evenings bring the woody aroma of the saltbox houses along with wild honeysuckle that grows in abundance along the edges of the sandy beaches. Top notes of honeysuckle, sweet orange blossom, pear and freesia are beautifully balanced with warm patchouli and opulent musk, reminiscent of this truly stunning coastal landscape.


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